Snowden – Movie Review

Snowden Movie Review

Oh Boy! My girlfriend and I are busy and don’t get to as many movies as we used to. This one had two things in it’s favor though….. 1) It’s controversial. 2) and really… this should be #1… My girlfriend thinks Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hot.

So we saw the movie. . .

Crickets. Tiny violins playing all over the world for me having to suffer through this one. Seriously though, I deserved the violins. The movie tried took a very liberal view on the Snowden situation. Oliver Stone portrays America as a land that has been betrayed by it’s government and living in ignorance.

Skip forward. Snowden, like a hunting dog sniffs out the rotten government bureaucrats and decides to sick.

Right or wrong, politically devout or atheist the movie is sickening. The plot is negative and the entire theme leaves you feeling more confused then you went in. The media minced this story so much that who knows what to think and Oliver Stone portraying Edward Snowden as the man who fell on the sword for his country is far fetched for even those with the furthest reaching imagination.

Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about all of this nonsense and just invest back in our economy like my friend @ Best Boca Raton landscaping. Who knows, hard work and beautiful Landscaping might actually make this country better.

P.S. the end result was that my girlfriend still thinks Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hot. His terrible performance didn’t help me out there.