Grant Cardone – 10X

10x Book Review

Grant Cardone’s 10x book provides an unabashedly driven perspective to his view on life and the human race. The book gives an outspoken perspective to how he believes the world would function better. It is motivational in the fact that Grant argues for everyone to get moving, start doing and figure out the details after committing. He believes that it is everyone’s ethical duty to be successful. If you are average then you are failing. He also believes that there is no shortage of success. Success is not a commodity and there is not a set amount of it.

To give a real life example. Let’s say you are a Handyman in Fort Lauderdale and you are not able to make the living that you want to. Grant would say “Don’t be a little Bitch.” Get out there. Overcompensate. Market, sell yourself. Go to every single house in Fort Lauderdale and hand out your business card. If you aren’t getting business then start doing work and asking for referrals. Get to Number 1 in Google. Completely dominate your market. If you have a goal then increase your action 10x what you think it would take to create your goal. If you need to make 5k a month to be happy, work like you need to make 50k a month.