Beethoven’s Hair – A Book Review

Beethoven’s Hair

Russell Martin

Broadway Books, New York

I’m not bragging that all I previously knew about Beethoven was that he was from Vienna, a musical genius and he was deaf. Now, I’m gratefully enlightened as to Beethoven’s life situation, yet Beethoven’s Hair is not simply his biography.


At the time of The Master’s death, a lock of his disarrayed hair was scissored by a young musician, Paul Hiller, who had visited him several times the prior week. Ensuring that Hiller’s treasure was protected in a locket under a jeweler’s seal, he kept it during the decades of his own musical prominence in Vienna before passing it on to his son. Martin recounts subsequent locket exchanges spanning two centuries, conjuring up personal stories of its keepers during World Wars I and II to present day America.


In Autumn of 1926, Denmark embraced the heroic feat of evacuating threatened Danish and immigrant Jews to safety in Sweden. The hurried circumstances forced the locket onto a new guardian. Two stateside Beethoven enthusiasts bought the locket at auction in 1995 and undertook enormous strides to unravel it’s history. They also sought the help of top scientists to test the hair to determine the cause of Beethoven’s deafness and extensive maladies. The locket is now permanently housed in an honoring museum at San Jose State, California.


The author weaves each owner’s story with Beethoven’s artistry and anguish, endearing them for their conscientious oversight of their beloved immortal’s lock.

Snowden – Movie Review

Snowden Movie Review

Oh Boy! My girlfriend and I are busy and don’t get to as many movies as we used to. This one had two things in it’s favor though….. 1) It’s controversial. 2) and really… this should be #1… My girlfriend thinks Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hot.

So we saw the movie. . .

Crickets. Tiny violins playing all over the world for me having to suffer through this one. Seriously though, I deserved the violins. The movie tried took a very liberal view on the Snowden situation. Oliver Stone portrays America as a land that has been betrayed by it’s government and living in ignorance.

Skip forward. Snowden, like a hunting dog sniffs out the rotten government bureaucrats and decides to sick.

Right or wrong, politically devout or atheist the movie is sickening. The plot is negative and the entire theme leaves you feeling more confused then you went in. The media minced this story so much that who knows what to think and Oliver Stone portraying Edward Snowden as the man who fell on the sword for his country is far fetched for even those with the furthest reaching imagination.

Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about all of this nonsense and just invest back in our economy like my friend @ Best Boca Raton landscaping. Who knows, hard work and beautiful Landscaping might actually make this country better.

P.S. the end result was that my girlfriend still thinks Joseph Gordon-Levitt is hot. His terrible performance didn’t help me out there.

The Art Of The Deal

The Art Of The Deal

I received a signed version of this book. Please do not associate this with a political ideology. This is a synopsis from a literary standpoint.
The general story told in The Art Of The Deal is an active approach to management. Trump takes a hands-on approach to business, and encourages you to make your intentions known, and then wait until things fall into place for you to make power moves.

There are lots of details in building a business. A lot of the time Trump was dealing with licensing and zoning boards. He always went to those meetings himself, took an active interest. He mentions many who took the opposite approach, and things didn’t go well for them.

Trump calls on his peers and colleagues personally instead of having a secretary reach out. Everyone seems to respond well to that personal touch. The book details a lot on Trump choosing the marble for the floors or brass for railings, even taking an interest in air conditioning and piping. His approach is hands on. (One can only hope that he takes the same approach to the presidency)

He’s clear what this mean – millions of dollars in savings and projects that come in on time and on budget.

Overall, this is a good book even 30 years after it was written. I got it at the library and read it because Trump is about a month away from the presidential nomination. I wanted to understand his early business background and influences better, and this book does a good job.

This book can be read with bias because of Donald Trump’s new political standing. Nevertheless, it is hard to discount “The Donald’s” business acumen and this book does a good job of explaining the reasons why he is successful. Starting with a 6AM wake up to review the news for an hour.

The art of the deal teaches you the care that is necessary to scale a business. The diligence that is necessary even if it is just growing a small business, you need to take pride in your work and be hands on in the process. For better or for worse, Donald has thought big and has been meticulous in his planning and work ethic on the road to achieving his lofty goals.

Grant Cardone – 10X

10x Book Review

Grant Cardone’s 10x book provides an unabashedly driven perspective to his view on life and the human race. The book gives an outspoken perspective to how he believes the world would function better. It is motivational in the fact that Grant argues for everyone to get moving, start doing and figure out the details after committing. He believes that it is everyone’s ethical duty to be successful. If you are average then you are failing. He also believes that there is no shortage of success. Success is not a commodity and there is not a set amount of it.

To give a real life example. Let’s say you are a Handyman in Fort Lauderdale and you are not able to make the living that you want to. Grant would say “Don’t be a little Bitch.” Get out there. Overcompensate. Market, sell yourself. Go to every single house in Fort Lauderdale and hand out your business card. If you aren’t getting business then start doing work and asking for referrals. Get to Number 1 in Google. Completely dominate your market. If you have a goal then increase your action 10x what you think it would take to create your goal. If you need to make 5k a month to be happy, work like you need to make 50k a month.


How To Win Friends And Influence People

Dale Carnegie Leadership Training

How to Win Friends and Influence People. This book has been quoted over the years and referenced in thousands of different places. Many business men and women refer to it as their lifeline. The scope of research compiled in to this book presents a useful and example filled road map on how to reach favorable outcomes in human reactions.

Looking at things from other people’s perspective is extremely important and effective if you want to shape your own destiny in life. Appealing to what someone else wants from their perspective is extremely important. “Arouse in the other person an eager want. He who can do this has the whole world with him and he who cannot, walks a lonely way.” Dale Carnegie has actually started an entire foundation based around learning and teaching which has been wildly successful. You can visit his foundation HERE If you would like to learn more about the Leadership training that Carnegie has capitalized on.

A little known fact is that this book was developed from within the course. Originally the first year, Dale had a post card that was handed out. This grew in to a full page document the next year, followed by a packet and so on and so forth until “How To Win Friends And Influence People” was published.